You Can Binge Watch These Single Season Shows in One Weekend

As much as I love Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl, sometimes I want a show that doesn’t have tons of characters coming and going throughout the seasons. It’s always fun to start a new show that you know nothing about, and sometimes a quick ten-episode season is exactly what you need to recharge and rest your brain for a while. These shows only have one season (at least so far) and are easy to turn on and have in the background while writing your final papers or to have as the center of your binge weekend.


A Teacher (Hulu) 

The steamy affair between an English teacher and her high school senior student is super dramatic, and once you start watching you won’t be able to stop. The episodes are just 30 minutes long and perfect for quick study breaks- or, ya know, watching them all in a row like I did on Tuesday. There are lots of familiar faces in the cast (including Nick Robinson from Love, Simon and Shane Harper who’s role on Good Luck Charlie made me think that a boy cheating meant he was going to get smoothies with his other girlfriend), and the acting is actually really good. 


The Society (Netflix) 

I was SO mad when Netflix cancelled the second season of this show even though it had already been confirmed, but we’ll just have to add it to the list of things COVID has screwed up this year. The Society is a little creepy at times, but very intense and with a wide variety of character types that guarantees something for everyone. 


Sweet Magnolias (Netflix) 

Probably the sweetest (and at times, cheesiest) show on this list, Sweet Magnolias picks up in the aftermath of Maddie’s divorce and subsequent financial troubles. As she starts a new romance with the (incredibly handsome) high school baseball coach and opens a spa with her two lifelong best friends, viewers get to watch a feel-good show with enough family drama to keep it interesting. 


Spinning Out (Netflix) 

This show dives into the world of competitive figure skating, following a teen girl named Kat who gave up her entire life to pursue the Olympics but suffered a major accident on the ice. She also battles family drama and bipolar disorder, giving us tons of romance, drama, and suspense. The only downside? It ends on a cliffhanger even though Netflix officially announced that it will not be getting a second season (you should still watch it, though!)