Yes, Another Halloween Article

Yes, Halloween is 49 days away. ​But it's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween Costume. If you're stuck about what to wear, take a look at the hundreds of movies and tv shows that have come out this year. ​Complete with wild styles, cool trends, and over-the-top fashion, 2019's onscreen entertainment is all the ​inspiration you need for this Halloween. So dress your best and throw on one of your favorite characters' outfits this Halloween.

Rue from ​Euphoria

Her vintage-inspired outfits consist of oversized cardigans, plenty of printed button-down shirts, and, most notably, her go-to Converse.

Nakia from ​Black Panther

N​akia is always in shades of green, so go with an olive-toned dress that has a high neck, cutouts, and long sleeves. Also bring along a gold clutch full of secret spy trinkets from  Wakanda. With ​the sequel​ on the way, this costume couldn't be more perfect.

Jules from​ Euphoria (sorry for all the Euphoria references) ​

You could wear one of her infamous pastel-colored babydoll tops with a pleated skirt and platforms sneakers. But if you want to stay more in the traditional Halloween real, you could dress up as what she wore to the Halloween party. Her angel costume consisted of a long white dress, pronounced wings, and runny makeup.

Inmates from Orange is the New Blac​k

Does this even need an explanation? Orange looks good on everyone.


By Mycah Clay