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Why You Need to Make a Finsta (Like, Right Now)

Ok, I agree. The name “finsta” is really stupid. Not as stupid as the term “rinsta,” but that’s not the point. If you think of a better name for it please let me know, but for now we are stuck with it.

For those of you who don’t know, finsta means “Fake Insta.” However, this term is misleading, since it implies that one is putting on a fake persona, when it’s actually the complete opposite. It is basically a private Instagram account only followed by your friends/those who have seen you at your worst. You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t that just Instagram? Do you really need a separate Instagram so you don’t ruin your ~image~ on social media?” Let me stop you right there. I am fully aware that I am not Gigi Hadid and that no one actually cares about my Instagram or me for that matter. When people meet me, I know they aren’t thinking “oh she’s the girl with the cool Insta!” it’s more like “oh she’s the girl in my Art History lecture who wears too much eyeliner and is always late.” And I am totally fine with that!



The point of finsta is that I can share things that most people that follow me really would not care about. For example, most people are not interested in hearing about my passion for the Sims. However, to my friends, it is funny (I hope) when I share my latest creations. Would you want that clogging up your feed? No you wouldn’t. You’re welcome.


It is also a way to stay connected with people you’re friends with back home. We are all busy and it’s hard to stay updated with our friends that live hundreds or thousands of miles away. By posting to your finsta, you can share details about your life that you want all your friends to know all at once. Obviously this is not replacing in person conversations, phone calls or Facetimes, but it makes it a bit easier to catch up with friends if they have already been briefed via finsta about the cute guy in your Management class. Because of they have this base knowledge, we can dive straight into the important details right from the start, like how the cute guy knows your name now.

Also, I think it is extremely important to be able to make fun of yourself. The fact that I got a 0/10 on a Chem quiz once that I filled out completely, like left nothing blank, is hilarious to me. However, I would not want to share that with the entire world, for obvious reasons (even though I kind of just did…) It is also a place to post hilarious pictures of yourself that you would not want everyone you have ever met to see. And no, this is not because I am trying to portray some fake, contrived version of myself on my actual Insta, it is because most people would not care, or would not understand it. Don’t believe me? Well here are some examples.

  1. A picture of me being the OG Starboy before The Weeknd



2. Me looking like an angry Dora saying “Cash me outside.”


3. A painting I made titled “Nicholas Cage at Coachella.”



4. Me looking bad and bougie as a toddler



5. A selfie I sent to my family group chat, which NO ONE responded to.



6. A face swap with me and a Russian nesting doll


7. A picture of me from high school when I woke up with my face completely swollen from an allergic reaction, the cause of which is still unknown today.


8. A picture of my with my Justin Bieber cardboard cutout in middle school.



I understand the resistance to making a finsta. I hate conformity and dumb social media trends more than anything (like what the hell was the mannequin challenge.) But I fully endorse finstas for these reasons. Finstas are honestly essential to surviving college. Making one will change your life, trust me.


Want to learn more? Slide into my finsta DMs @soapie_table


By Sophie Taibl

Giphs from giphy.com 

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