Why You Have to Watch Famous In Love


This show is absolutely wack and I cannot stop watching it. ABC Family has done this whole rebranding thing and is now Freeform, but we don’t have time to talk about that identity crisis right now. Our main topic is this show starring Bella Thorne. Or at least the 45% of the original Bella Thorne that remains after all the face altering surgery.



This show is lit, and you can watch all 10 episodes here. If you’ve seen any press for it you’re probably thinking, Natalie, this show looks so lame, why would i watch it? Well chill out and let me tell you:


The Absurdly Cliché Plot.


Paige, a quirky down-to-earth (but effortlessly beautiful) girl goes to an open audition for the starring role in a big motion picture! Then, against all odds she gets the part and is swept up into the crazy world of Hollywood. She's caught between two worlds! Should she date her best-guy friend or this new hollywood hottie co-star Reiner (Yes that’s his name don’t even get me started).


The Hotties


No one ever wears a shirt on this show. Ever. Also there’s a super hot lesbian couple which is pretty dope.


The Bizarre Movie They are Making



Okay so the movie they’re making is supposedly based on a best selling book series like The Hunger Games or Twilight. It’s called Locked, but actually WHAT is this FILM? All I’m gonna say is it includes a sorceress, a love triangle, time travel to the 70’s, and a dance number choreographed by Twitch…. Lol wut? I wish they would actually make this movie because I’m so curious.


The Painfully Awkward Cameos.



Ben and Lauren from the Bachelor are on it and i couldn’t even watch it was so awkward. A lot of other special celeb guests stop by; I won’t spoil it but just so you know, the cameos are NEVER natural.


The Amazing Teen Lingo

So the writers of this show are woefully out of touch with teen culture and it’s never not funny. They call instagram “IG” and say things like “screw”. Come on guys.



Gifs: https://www.tumblr.com/search/famous+in+love