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Why Watch Mad Men


If you know anything about Mad Men, you know it’s a show that surrounds an ad agency in New York. So, let me give you my pitch:

Looking for something to watch because you are quarantined and bored out of your mind? I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same boat. So, here’s my plug for a show that, if you haven’t gotten around to watching, you must drop everything and do so immediately. Yes, one show, not a list. You won’t need a list after you’re glued to the couch, eating popcorn out of a bag, and plowing through episode after episode in one day. 

The show I’m talking about, of course, is Mad Men (hence the title). And, yes, I know it got a lot of traffic when it first came out so this isn’t some new discovery. However, I know I missed watching it when it was first released, so I’m sharing the news of my rediscovery. It’s on Netflix, it’s amazing, what more do you need to know? 

A little backstory just in case: the show takes place in the 60s at an ad agency. Donald Draper, the protagonist, works as a creative director and is very secure in his job and his accomplishments there, but the same is not true of his life at home. As the show progresses, we learn more about his back story, among the layers of other characters. The show is highly political, intriguing, dramatic, but not overly so, and it will have you wanting more, more, more. Go watch it, and thank me later. 

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