Why Vests Are the Best Piece Ever

Do you ever get bored of your typical jeans-sweater-boots outfit in the winter? Me too! That is why vests are my favorite staple in my closet during the cold winter months. Ask any of my friends...every other day you can catch me with one layered over a sweater. Vests are a must for a few reasons:

1. They are an easy way to change up your boring, basic outfit. Layer one on top of the sweater you wore two days ago to give it a completely new look. Try a jean vest to give it an edgier style.

2. They’re honestly so warm. Sweaters these days are cute af but are hardly enough to keep from catching a cold. With all the holes in style today, not to mention cropped sweaters, don’t do much to keep us warm. Putting a vest on top is an easy way to still wear your adorable sweaters while not freezing in the snow.

3. Sure… you could just wear a coat to stay warm, but vests are so much cheaper. And that means you can buy so many more. You can only buy so many coats. Most people just have one really warm coat and wear it every day. The best part about vests is that you can have so many!!

Here are some of my favorites for this season:

I love the length of this fur vest. It will keep you super warm while still looking chic. The neutral color will also go perfectly with any outfit.

This vest is super affordable and super fun! It is the perfect addition to any basic jeans and sweater outfit. Perfect for the holidays and standing out from the crowd at any get-together.

I love this vest because of its versatility. It can be worn casually with jeans and a sweater or with a holiday dress. A black vest is a staple in any closet, not just for winter but all year round.