Why I Can’t Write a Real Article this Week

The title pretty much says it all: I can’t write a real article this week.

The reasons? Well, I could list all the ways this week was packed with things I usually wasn’t aware of until twenty minutes beforehand and the ways my professors decided to be more than unforgiving with their assignments. But I won’t bore you to death with all those details. Instead, I ‘ll impart a little bit of advice to those of you who will undoubtedly find yourself in such a situation soon.

Know. Your. Limits.

Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a week like this and literally everything seems to be crashing down on you (as it is for me), it’s okay to look at something and say, “No.” Prioritizing yourself is important, and if that one last thing is the one thing guaranteed to push yourself past that line, it’s totally fine to refuse it for another day.

So this week, I’m rationalizing the fact that I have literally no time to write any article of any significant or profound concept. This, in fact, is what you’re getting.

I hope you’re all doing well too.

See you in a couple weeks.