Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday

As you get older, you learn that the holidays you once cherished kind of suck. Thanksgiving is high-key problematic, Santa isn’t real, Hanukkah is over-hyped, and once people stop giving candy to everyone in class, Valentine’s Day personally victimizes those who are #ForeverAlone like me. Fortunately, there is one holiday that actually gets better in our old age, Halloween. Here's why


1) Halloweekend

Name another one-day holiday that lasts this long l, I’ll wait. There’s no other holiday where dressing up for it, like, every night of the week is socially acceptable. Yeah there are winter holiday party themes, but there’s no creativity with that. With Halloween you can be Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball one night and then Mario and Luigi with a friend the next night. Being slutty Santa is all fun and good, but it gets a bit repetitive after a while.


2) #ScaryMovieSzn

While it’s totally appropriate to watch scary movies all year around (in fact I encourage it), the Halloween atmosphere makes the experience so much better. There’s also more horror movie marathons on tv so you don’t have to limit your options to just Netflix.


3) Pumpkins

In addition to having pumpkin spice flavored everything, let’s not forget about the joys of Jack-o-Lanterns. Pumpkin carving is also an adorable post-brunch group activity.

4) You can be extra af

Halloween is the one time when you can be as extra as you want and it totally acceptable. You can go full on terrifying using face paint and fake blood or super Victoria's Secret Angel sexy. Even better, you don’t have to conform to some weird frat party theme. Full creative and artistic freedom!



5) Candy, candy and more candy

Need I say more? It’s the one consistency with our childhood love for Halloween. It’s also scientifically proven that calories don’t count on Halloween, so enjoy!


By Sophie Taibl

gifs: giphy.com