Why a Disposable Camera is the go-to Accessory for your Next Trip

This past summer, my best friend and I went on a trip to Europe. From Barcelona, to Florence, to Rome, we floated around and spent our days eating incredible food, roaming random streets, and seeing monuments and art we had only ever seen in movies. Along with us we each brought a disposable camera, and it completely changed the way I viewed the trip both during and after. And, here’s why I believe in this device both over a polaroid, our modern camera-phones, and everything in between: 

1. A disposable camera is relatively budget friendly

As opposed to other pricey, flashy, fancy cameras, a disposable camera costs around$10 (and is sometimes even cheaper if you order in bulk). 

2. You get that “filter effect” without any extra effort

3. You are more conscious about the pictures you take

While I often find myself taking a million photos on my phone, with a disposable camera there are only a finite number you can take. So, with the limited number, you have to be really choosy about what you want, which produces even better pictures!

4. You can easily get both digital and physical copies of your photos

If you go to Walgreens, you can get actual copies of your photos and copies on a disk that can transfer the pictures to your phone or computer.

5. Getting the pictures developed is a fun surprise!

Some of the pictures I took with my friend on our trip I don’t even remember taking… and that’s what makes it so fun.

6. It’s the digital world meets “old world” charm!

Not really​ that ​ old, but you get the picture.