What I Want to See on Game of Thrones

Season Seven of GOT is coming and I’m getting tired of waiting. Last season was undeniably lit, but what in the wide world of Westeros is coming next?



Here are some things I would like to happen in the next eight episodes:


Arya to Finish Her List



She’s making a list, and checking it twice! Something is just so satisfying about watching Arya take revenge. I would personally like to see her take down Cersei because no one else seems to be making any progress on that front



Sansa to Rule the Gosh Darn North



After 6 seasons of having one of the most pessimistic storylines on this show, Sansa is finally out of the woods! Hopefully she can take back the North without being forced into another bizzaro marriage. She’s transitioning into a baddie just like Dany did!


John Snow to Stop Being a Whiny B*tch

Yeah we get it, you died and came back and that was rough. But we need you to get it together please, you’re a Targaryen for goodness sake.


Daenerys to Reach Westeros

I know she’s sailing over now and everything, but I’ll believe it when I see it. My guess is she spends this whole season on a ship. Suite Life on Deck, here we come.



Yeah yeah Dany… just get on with it.



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