Ways to Get Outside During a Busy Day!

Spring is here! It’s finally time to switch your heavy winter coat to a sweatshirt or light jacket. As final exams, papers, and presentations are approaching, days can get busier and classes can be more stressful. Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy the weather! Here’s some tips on how to incorporate being outside into a busy day. :)


1. Eat lunch outside with friends

There are many outdoor lunch dining options on campus. Grab some friends and head to the DUC, BD, or Bauer. You can even grab lunch from any place of your choosing and eat at any table outside or on Muddy fields.

2. Hammock

This is a perfect way to take a break from studying outside, catch up with friends, or keep working!


3. Go for a walk or run in Forest Park

Forest Park is right next to WashU’s campus and it has a 6.5 mile loop. This is a perfect way to soak up some sunshine and get in some exercise!


4. Bring your homework outside

Don’t let assignments or exams keep you inside! Charge up your computer and bring it outside or grab a notebook and textbook and head outside! Find your favorite spot whether that is on Mudd Field, under a tree next to Olin, or at a table outside of the DUC.


5. Bike, Scooter, or Skateboard

Now that the weather has finally gotten warmer, be sure to put your bike, scooter, or skateboard to good use! Download the Lime or Bird app on your phone to locate available scooters around campus. It is such a fun way to get outside and destress.


6. Slow down and enjoy the walks between classes

If your day is too busy and the only time you have outside is during the walk between buildings, remember to look up and enjoy the weather. Leave early enough for class that you’re not rushed and remember to look up from your phone. Campus is especially beautiful during this season and you won’t want to miss it!


By Julia Chandonnet