WashU Dining Hacks

WashU Dining Hacks

WashU may be ranked #6 on the Niche 2018 Best College Food in America list, but as we all know, it’s really easy to get tired of getting the same thing over and over and over again. Here are some hacks that will hopefully help you out.

  1. Bear’s Den: If you don’t want to eat the nasty chicken from the salad bar, order a grilled chicken breast from the Grizzly Grill and add that to your salad.

  2. Ibby’s: you can put marinara sauce on the gnocchi, even though it’s not on the menu.

  3. Paws & Go: You can buy a buy a bag of family sized chips and eat them all in one sitting and feel awful about yourself later.

  4. Bear’s Den: If you don’t get meat in your stir fry or say that you have an allergy it’s ready way faster.

  5. Beary Sweet Shoppe: There’s a rewards card! So if you have a sweet tooth, I’d definitely recommend looking into it.

  6. Ibby’s: You can sub out any vegetable that comes with your plate for brussels sprouts. They’re not on the menu, but they always have them.

  7. The Village: Village brunch is way better and way less crowded than BD brunch...10/10 recommend.


By Elizabeth Baxter