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The WashU Bucket List: 100 Things To Do Before You Graduate


Four years is a long time… Or so you thought when you were just a tiny, young freshman spending your first painfully awkward night in your twin XL bed, missing Mom and Dad. Before you know it, though, those four years will have flown by and you will be leaving the comfy WashU Bubble… forever. There are a few things, however, that every WashU student must do before they graduate and move – abruptly – into the real world. So, we’re making it easy for you! We present to you The WashU Bucket List: 100 Things To Do Before You Graduate. Freshmen: Start now. Seniors: Good luck.

  1. John Donut. Go to there.

  2. Eat a Holmes carvery wrap. And meet Arthur while you’re at it.

  3. Enjoy the Food Truck Festival in Soulard. Yum.

  4. Go to the Mardi Gras Parade in Soulard. It will change your life.

  5. Make it to WILD. They have free pizza.

  6. Have High Tea and the London Tea Room. Hello Kate Middleton!

  7. End your night at the casino. Good luck.

  8. Take a tour at Fontbonne. Pretend you really want to go there.

  9. Organize a monthly potluck with your friends. Learn to cook.

  10. Hit up Moonlight Breakfast. Bears Den and Village both host it!

  11. Attend a zombie bar crawl on the Loop. Ain’t nothin’ betta.

  12. Go to a concert at the Pageant. It’s an awesome venue.

  13. Get tickets to a Cardinals game. They’re really good!

  14. Protest for something you care about! And get your friends involved too.

  15. Roadtrip to ChicagoTake that classic Bean picture.

  16. Go to an out-of-town Fraternity formal. And come back in one piece.

  17. Buy a ticket for Linus. And conquer the open bar…

  18. Attend Tuesday Karaoke at Duffy’s. And actually sing.

  19. Make Missouri a better place. Campaign!

  20. Make WashU a better place. Get involved on campus.

  21. Visit the St. Louis Arch. And then go up in it.

  22. See (and pet) the penguins at the Zoo. Little tuxedos!

  23. Eat a meal in the Boat House in Forest Park. So romantic.

  24. Go for a run in Forest Park. Or a walk if you’re us.

  25. Flirt with your TA. Or more…

  26. Go to the Kemper Art Museum. It’s free and they have wonderful exhibits.

  27. Try everything on the Ted Drewes menu. You won’t be sorry. You might get fat.

  28. Go abroad. For a semester, for a month, or for even a week. It’ll make you appreciate WashU so much more.

  29. See a movie at the Tivoli. It’ll take you back to the 70s.

  30. Eat toasted ravioli. Dip it in red sauce.

  31. Explore the underground tunnels of WUSTL. They’re freaky.

  32. Skinny dip in the big fountain in Forest Park. Bring a towel.

  33. Watch the sunrise at Art Hill. And sleep there.

  34. Paddle boat in Forest Park. It’s a great leg workout.

  35. Sled down Art Hill during a snowstorm. Get Kayak’s hot chocolate after.

  36. Spring break. Convince your parents.

  37. Get set up for a formal or a date party. You never know who you’ll meet.

  38. Eat a meal at a professor’s house. They actually like us – don’t forget.

  39. Decorate your dorm/apartment exactly how you want it. PB Teen, anyone?

  40. Learn the WashU songBet you didn’t even know there was one.

  41. Shower in the DUC. Alone or with others.

  42. Attend a Fraternity Passover Seder. Whether or not you’re Jewish. Free wine and absolutely hilarious.

  43. Hook up with a freshman. Seniors only.

  44. Take a class in a different schoolThey say BSchool Preschool, but engineering is no joke.

  45. Take the Anheuser Busch tour. Gotta be 21 though.

  46. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with margaritas at Mi Ranchito! But skip the food.

  47. Shop at Avalon on the Loop. Buy some second-hand gems.

  48. Lay out at Millbrook Pool. And scout for cuties.

  49. Take a class that has nothing to do with your major. And get an A to boost that GPA.

  50. Go to Bauhaus for Halloween. Meet some Architecture kids.

  51. Hook up in a classroom. Choose a classroom you have class in.

  52. Take a class at the South 40 Gym. Zumba, anyone?

  53. Go out the night before a test. And kick that test’s booty ANYWAY.

  54. Take a cooking class in Bear’s Den. Sushi?

  55. Paint the underpass. It’s fun!

  56. Hit up the Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives hot spots. They’re all over.

  57. Get wine-drunk at Ibby’s. Before a discussion-based class.

  58. Get a massage at Massage Luxe. You deserve it.

  59. Hook up in the Library. A Stacks or B Stacks, your choice.

  60. Go to Three Kings for dinner. Kings’ wings.

  61. Snag an awesome internship. Tell the Career Center about it.

  62. Road trip to the Kentucky Derby. And wear a cool hat.

  63. Skip a full day of classes. Don’t care.

  64. Try something at every DUC and Bear’s Den Station. You won’t regret it.

  65. Poop in every building on campus. You will feel a sense of power.

  66. Do research. You might find your passion. Or cure cancer…

  67. Start reading the paper every morning. Good habits are formed during college.

  68. Brunch. Every weekend.

  69. Deactivate your Facebook. You might like it.

  70. Steak N’ Shake. Late night.

  71. Make a book list. Read each book on it.

  72. Go to Pappy’s BBQ. Wait in the hour-long line. It’s worth it.

  73. Streak around the South 40. Why not?

  74. Get an A+ on a test. You can do it.

  75. Eat at Pi. If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for you.

  76. Hook up with a Varsity Athlete. Try to get one from each team…

  77. Bring your parents to a class. They miss college.

  78. Take a writing class. No matter what you do, you will need to write well.

  79. Host a prospective student. Tell them why you love WashU.

  80. Go to an a capella concert. Try the Greenleafs!

  81. Bathe in the Brookings Fountains. Bring all-natural soap.

  82. Village stir-fry. Nom nom nom nom.

  83. Do a keg stand. It’s college.. when else will you?

  84. Grocery shop at Soulard Farmer’s Market. Bye Schnucks.

  85. Go to the Chestnut Beer Garden. Get a drink and/or charcuterie plate!

  86. Eat lunch in the Law School. Law school hotties and delicious food.

  87. Attend a fall football game. Go Bears!

  88. Stargaze from the Louderman rooftop. Bring wine.

  89. Drink during class. Watch how it helps you answer questions…

  90. Do a wine tasting at a local winery. Make a weekend trip out of it.

  91. Spend a day at the City Museum. Bring knee pads.

  92. Party on the roof of the Moonrise Hotel. Get a room if you’re feeling rich.

  93. Try some microbrews. You might find one you love, and they’re a big deal in STL.

  94. Go to the Thurtene Carnival. It’s largest student-run student organized carnival in the nation!

  95. Celebrate something at Tony’s. $$$$$.

  96. Write an article for HerCampus. Interview a cutie!

  97. Dunk in the Mississippi River. Keep your eyes closed.

  98. Shotgun a beer in front of WUPD. Potentially bad advice.

  99. Go to an East St. Louis Strip Club. Don’t go alone.

  100. Don’t graduate. Just don’t.

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