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Vivek Pandrangi (2015)


Did you know that Vivek Pandrangi can keep his hair standing straight up without gel? Or that all he really wants in life is the power to get free frozen yogurt whenever he craves it? If you don’t know him, he’s easily one of the friendliest – and cutest – guys on campus. He’ll strike up a conversation, or start a one sided rap-battle, with pretty much anyone. So, next time you see him being walking around campus or studying in Holmes Lounge, feel free to strike up a conversation about red pandas or Liam Neeson’s voice. But don’t get any ideas – this week’s Campus Cutie is happily taken.

Name: Vivek Pandrangi.

Year: Junior.

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

Major: Anthropology and Biology.

On-Campus Involvement: Sigma Chi Scholarship Chair, Biology Lab TA, and New Dimensions.

Tell me about New Dimensions: It’s a soccer coaching organization – it’s an immersion program for low-income refugee kids between 2nd through 5th grade

What did you want to be when you grew up? Well, how young are we talking? Because when I was really young I wanted to be Goku from Dragon Ball Z… because he’s just damn cool.

What’s your favorite place on campus? Holmes Lounge.

Celebrity girl crush? Keira Knightley.

Celebrity boy crush? Liam Neeson. He’s got a good voice.

What’s your favorite animal? Ooooh DAMMIT I HAVE SO MANY. Have you seen that red panda YouTube video? (Pulls up video of a red panda playing in the snow) No? You haven’t? Here…

Qualities you look for in a girl: Tan, brunette, good sense of humor. I like goofy girls.

Do you have any secret talents? I can keep my hair up without gel.

I hear you rap? Oh no… let’s not say that. I’m self aware enough to know that I can’t rap.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? I’d want to stop time. If you use it right, you can do ANYTHING.

What would you do? I’d eat all the food I can find. I’d walk into a froyo store and just…. well, get myself some froyo. 

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