Trends to Bring With You Through Winter

With the weather still bearable, you can still dress cute and get away with it. Here are some popular fall trends that you bring with you into winter.

1. Lace-up shirts, dresses, and bodysuits

This cool style has become all the rage. Whether it’s on shirts, bodysuits, or dresses, this criss-cross detailing is super cute and sexy. Check out Brandy Melville, Forever 21, or Nastygal to pick up pieces featuring this trend.

2. Suede

Suede is perfect for fall with its rich brown color. Transition this trend into winter by wearing darker suede colors. Stores like Nastygal, Urban Outfitters, and Missguided are sure to carry lots of suede pieces!

3. Cool bralettes

It started out with lace bralettes, but now they’re getting more and more funky! Pair a super strappy bralette with a simple t-shirt and you’re good to go. LF, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters are all great places to go for bralettes.

4. Big, comfy faux fur coats

These coats are SO soft and match practically everything! Urban Outfitters and Missguided carry some pretty nice coats of these kind.