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Even two months before moving away for college, my packing list had started. There was something exhilarating about jotting down clothes, dorm décor, pillows, and picturing my future home for the next year. But still, even after spending hours compiling what I thought was a perfect list, once getting here, I quickly realized how much I hadn’t even thought about, that everyone else on my floor could relate to forgetting. Here’s the top 5 things it seemed like everyone had forgotten to bring:

1. Slippers

Between hanging out in common rooms late at night, grabbing snacks from the vending machine in the middle of the night, and even just walking across the room, I use my slippers every single day and had no clue how much I would need a pair!


Here’s a few!

Ugg Slippers

Lands End Slippers


2. Cozy Lights

The overhead light is perfect for studying or hanging out in the room during the day, but was a little too bright for the night, especially when winding down before bed. These string lights or LED lights made my room 100x more home-like.

Dorm room bed with lights
Sarah Ehrlich

Cozy Lights

Firefly Bedroom Lights



3. Water Bottles (Multiple!)

I didn’t realize you can’t just walk across the room in college to get water, and it’s a pain to walk all the way down two flights of stairs right before bed after realizing you don’t have any left. Keeping multiple in my room helped so I could just go once a day.



4. Full Sized Mirror

Not all the dorms came with one, and not only are they perfect for taking pictures, but they open the whole room up. It felt like a different room once I got one!

5. Yoga Mat

With the gym being limited during the pandemic, it was hard to stay active at the beginning. Having a yoga mat made me much likely to get a quick workout in during the day rather than waiting for a gym slot to open. It seemed like everyone had ordered one within the first two weeks!

pink yoga mat with two pink weights and other exercise equipment
Photo by Elena Kloppenburg from Unsplash









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