Top 5 Feminist Characters From Your Favorite TV Shows

Midterm season is finally coming to an end, and that means more time will be spent sleeping and binge-watching Netflix until finals roll around. So, when you’re looking for the next show to watch while you eat a half and half in your bed, look for these dope ladies and the TV shows that revolve around them.


Liz Lemon- 30 Rock


Though her life may never be perfectly together, Liz Lemon is always ready to offer a sarcastic comment or solve your problems. I definitely channel my inner Liz Lemon when I spend a night on my couch devouring some night cheese.


1. Rory Gilmore- Gilmore Girls


Smart, beautiful, and hard-working, Rory really has it all (plus, her mother is the queen of all queens, Lorelai Gilmore). Plus, she had three amazing guys fighting over her. But, her relationship to her mother and her grandparents always comes first.


3. Leslie Knope- Parks and Rec


She’s hilarious and ambitious, and is always willing to help her friends. I don’t know how someone can be so optimistic all the time, but Leslie Knope has a way of making you feel like everything’s going to be okay.


4. Brooke Davis- One Tree Hill


This list wouldn’t be complete without the one and only creator of “Clothes over Bros” and my favorite One Tree Hill Character. Brooke Davis went through the biggest transformation over the course of the show, and she proved that it’s important to know who you are and stand up for what you believe in.


5. Robin Scherbatsky- How I Met Your Mother


One of the most independent and outspoken women on television, Robin never let anyone tell her what to do or how to feel. Additionally, Robin proved to be groundbreaking character because of her outspokenness about not wanting children, and she never felt like she had to give in to whatever everyone else was doing.

By Sara Braun