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1. Holidate

This new, funny holiday movie is the perfect pick when you just want to relax. It is the perfect balance of cheesy romance, but also a fun storyline that will keep you hooked!

2. Let it Snow

This holiday movie takes a little more brain cells than most to watch, but it will for sure keep you interested the whole time. The multiple storylines, interesting romances, and connection between the characters make this movie perfect for a movie night. I also recommend reading the book!

3. A Christmas Prince Series

I have to say I was not the biggest fan of the first movie in this series the first time I watched it, but it was definitely grown on me. If you need a day to destress after midterms or are spending thanksgiving break alone, binge this series! It is light-hearted and romantic, perfect for a nice day in.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This movie is SUCH a classic. Although it is kind of creepy, I can’t seem to go a holiday season without watching it. It always makes me laugh and… It’s Dr. Suess! Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess??

5. The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens string of Christmas movies these last couple of years has been such a breath of fresh air. The Princess Switch movie is funny and kept me on my toes and I totally recommend if you are craving a feel-good romance. Also, the sequel is set to drop on November 19th!

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