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Top 10 Choreography Videos (You Must Watch)


By now you’ve probably seen Wildabeast Adam’s choreography to Formation by Beyonce. Well, it’s your lucky day because there are hundreds of these videos on Youtube all filmed in this one dance studio in LA, called the Millennium Dance Complex. This is a magical place where the sassiest of dancers convene to film themselves dancing and make us all feel incompetent. Whether you’re looking for some new moves or you just enjoy wasting time watching Youtube videos, these ten videos are must-see’s. For your convenience, I have compiled the 10 best (in my opinion) choreography videos that will make you wish you never quit dancing after your first dance recital when you were three.


1) Say My Name – Wildabeast Adams

This classic song would make anyone wanna dance, including WildaBeast Adams and his crew of absurdly perfect dancers. This will make you nostalgic for the days of Destiny’s Child.


2) What Do You Mean – Nika Kljun

My two favorite things: the Biebs and dancing. Watch Nika, a sassy blonde with some sweet moves, salsa her way through this extremely catchy JB song.


3) Formation – Wildabeast

This video quickly went viral and for good reason, it’s amazing. Beyonce should really consider hiring Wildabeast to do her next tour. Just saying.


4) Party Favors – Tricia Miranda

Tricia slays this slow song like no other choreographer can. Make sure you watch all the way to the end, because the last girl who goes is amazing.

An instant classic, Jade Chenowyth (middle girl in the second group) is probably the coolest person in the world, and she’s only seventeen which is low-key annoying.


5) Baby One More Time – Yanis Marshall

Yanis is the definition of fierce, and his heels choreography is simply inspired. I can barely walk in heels let alone drop it likes it hot, so I must give them props.


6) Anaconda – Tricia Miranda

This video is a classic dance to a classic song, and Kaycee Rice absolutely kills it, and she’s literally a child, and what am I doing with my life…


7) WTF (Where They From) – Tricia Miranda

This upbeat number is contagious. Warning: you may start dancing in your room alone to this song once you’ve seen this video.


8) Freakum Dress – Yanis Marshall

Another wonderful heels piece by our homeboy Marshall. Please be prepared to put your freakum dress on.


9) B*tch Better Have My Money – Tricia Miranda

Your home girl Jade is back at it again with the sick dance. She’s in the first group and is wearing some pretty questionable pants, but we forgive her because she’s Jade and she could dance battle us into oblivion.


10) No – Brinn Nicole

This is another heels video made by Brinn Nicole, who is pregnant and still looks hotter than I ever will. She also has a tutorial version if you ever feel inclined to learn this amazing dance and impress all your friends.




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