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Things to be Positive About

Winter break is sadly over and now it’s time to get ~studious~ again. If you’re like me, you’re probably missing the hours you spent lying in bed doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, it’s time to become productive members of society again :( However, to keep you all excited and optimistic about this upcoming semester, here are some things to feel positive about!


New School Supplies!



Even though class is often the bane of our existence, everyone loves some new school supplies. A new notebook has a way of brightening even the dullest of lectures. For new supplies, check out Band.do for some adorable stuff like this!


New Friends


A new semester means new classes, and that means a totally new set of people that you’ll get to see almost every day. Whether you’re a Freshman or a Senior, try to branch out this semester, it’s never too late for some new friends!





New year new Netflix am i right? This semester there are even more amazing shows and movies to watch while you inevitably procrastinate. I recommend the new Series of Unfortunate Events so you can relive your childhood and deny impending adulthood while you still can.




Winter time in St Louis means snow, and if Lorelai Gilmore has taught us anything it’s that snow is amazing. We’ve already had some flurries, and there is certainly more on the way. Even if you hate snow, maybe you can take some sweet pics and step up your insta game.


Spring Break


If you just shuddered at the idea of snow, then here’s something way more appealing for you! Second semester always carries with it the promise of Spring Break; whether you plan on traveling with your friends or just spending the week as a hermit it’s bound to be amazing.


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