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The Recent Booming Popularity of “Squid Game” and Similar Shows

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I am definitely late to the “Squid Game” train, but after hearing about the cash-strapped-individuals-competing-in-disturbing-game premise, I was immediately intrigued. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m fantastic at starting shows but never finishing them. This summer, the only show that I successfully finished was “Alice in Borderland” on Netflix. The premise of the show has a similar ominous and eerie feeling as “Squid Game” and it’s set in Tokyo, where three friends suddenly find themselves a part of cruel games of life or death, surviving being the only option to win. The show is definitely a thriller and usually, I’m not great at watching horror/thrillers on my own. However, I finished the 8 episode show in 3 days (a record for me!) and thought about it for the rest of the summer. 

If you like clever but dangerous games set in a futuristic but current-feeling dystopia, you should give this show a try! Expect the unexpected and after you finish, look forward to season 2 coming out next year!

“Squid Game” is 10000% on my watch list, and I hope that this show can be added to yours as well! Fall break here we come!

Addie Li

Wash U '24

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