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The Benefits of Rings in Reducing Stress

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College is a stressful time. With midterms this week, and more work coming down the pipeline after fall break, we’re all starting to feel stressed out and fatigued. Personally, I have always found outlets to help my stress, like yoga and working out, but I still have all this nervous energy that surrounds me. I also know that I get extremely self conscious about how I express this nervous energy. I feel like a lot of people have this stress, so everyone knows the common ways of relieving it. Some turn to clicking their pen, tapping their foot, or playing with their hair. These are all great ways to relieve stress, however I found something that no one even notices. A simple piece of jewelry. A spinning ring.  

It seems so simple, yet this ring has helped me so much since I first got it my senior year of high school. I spin it when I get anxious, whether it’s in class or in a crowd of people. The motion of spinning it gives me something to do with my hands, that is small and repetitive. It is so simple and quiet that no one even notices. For someone who has always been self conscious about how I relieve my stress and anxiety in public, this was a lifesaver. I even showed it to my roommate and she uses it everyday. My hope is that this simple piece of jewelry can have a big impact on people, especially stressed out people like college students.  

For a college student trying to save money, they are also a pretty good price. If you take into account their value – which I would argue is priceless of course – they are definitely worth it. Not only do they have all different metals, but they have all different patterns of rings. There are ones that have one band that spins, and ones that have three rings that spin. They have engraving of stars, flowers, moons, and leaves. They have something for everyone, for every aesthetic. In addition, when you just look at it, it looks like a normal ring. No one would expect it to be the thing that saves me when I start getting anxious. Also, a pro tip, if you wear it on your pointer or middle finger, you can easily spin it while you’re doing anything. Writing a paper, reading for class, or studying. Literally anything. I think I’ve spun my ring at least ten times while writing this article. So if you are a stressed out college student like me, the ring could be a great investment.  

Hi! I am from Boston, Massachusetts and I am currently a first year at WashU in the College of Arts and Sciences. I plan to major in Political Science, however I also want to double major in either Computer Science or Business. I have two dogs named Lilly and Dakota. Lilly is a Havanese and Dakota is a Black Lab mix. I am super interested in music, skiing, and reading!
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