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Styling This Holiday Season

I’ve always looked forward to putting together outfits for the holidays, and despite how unconventional this year has been, there’s still plenty of occasions to dress up and be festive- whether it’s for that zoom family gathering or self-timered holiday card photo shoot. Here are 6 holiday staples that I like to use as a base for creating a festive holiday outfit.


  1. Oversized blazer. Oversized blazers are so versatile- if you’re feeling a little fancier, I would pair it with a skirt and sweater, but for a casual look, it comes across just as stylish with your favorite pair of jeans and sunglasses.
  2. Black dress. Black dresses are arguably staples all year round, but during the holidays, I find adding some sheer tights, heels, and a coat creates that perfect elegant winter look. I also think a monochrome color palette adds an extra sleekness to any outfit.
  3. Statement pants. What I love about statement pieces is that it makes the rest of the outfit super easy to put together. When it comes to pants, corduroy jeans and flared pants have been my personal favorites this year. For the winter months, I usually opt for a black top and jacket with black boots, letting the pants speak for themselves; it’s an easy way to feel comfy and chic for a nice dinner.
  4. Statement jewelry. Perfect for that Zoom get together; I personally love a neutral top in a mock neck or turtleneck with a gold necklace or pearl styled jewelry. It’s not too over the top for an online gathering, and as a plus, you can still feel cozy as you chat from your couch or the kitchen table.
  5. Headbands. Again, a great accessory that shows up on the Zoom camera. There are so many different kinds of headbands, but I have personally loved the pearl ones and the velvet ones. I think they’re so fancy and the fact they keep the hair out of your face makes it perfect while wearing a mask.
  6. Sweater vest. Definitely one of the trendy favorites of 2020, I honestly think sweater vests can pair well with a variety of aesthetics, and are so cute for a festive winter outfit. I like adding a collared shirt and my favorite pair of jeans with them, but if you’re feeling dressier, I would go for a flared out skirt, tights, and heeled boots to match. 



Katie Chan

Wash U '24

Katie is a coffee and cheesecake enthusiast studying at Washington University in St. Louis, intending to double major in Economics and English with a minor in Music.
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