Style Inspo from the Leading Ladies of Euphoria

Euphoria might have been my summer obsession, but I am still lost dreaming about the outfits that stole the show. These styles consumed my mind while tempting me to recreate the bold fashions of their female characters.


Rue’s tomboy and oversized style departs from the usual look of the sleek and feminine Zendaya. Rue’s baggy pants, tie-dye t-shirts, and larger than life hoodies add a level to her chill aesthetic while playing off her struggle with her sexuality.


Jules’s styling, from her rainbow lashes to dreamy organza dresses, capture her beliefs of all-encompassing love and fluidity. She serves a sense of fantasy with holographic accessories, but also serves a toughness, with combat boots and dark tones that complement the toughness of her character as a trans woman.


Maddy’s matching sets certainly gain attention throughout the 8 episode series. Her loudness and overwhelming feminity serve as her fight against Nate, her controlling and extremely masculine boyfriend. And I am here for it.


Kat’s outfit tranformation represents her personal one. She discovers the power in her sexuality which she expresses through more provocative clothing that embraces her curves. Her badass, grunge looks serve as not only a form of power, but as a representation of her desire for change.


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