Study Breaks to Take During Reading Week

Finals season is here! As you're studying away, don’t forget to take care of yourself and take study breaks when needed!


1. Get Ice Cream with friends

The weather is finally getting nice and this means it’s the perfect time to go enjoy different ice creams shops. Clementines, Jeni’s, The Baked Bear, and of course the classic St. Louis Ted Drewes are all amazing and delicious options!


2. Hang out outside

Don’t forget to enjoy the nice weather between library study sessions. Go biking, grab a scooter, go for a walk, or eat lunch outside!


3. Have a movie night

After a long day of studying you can grab some friends and put on your favorite TV show or movie. Make popcorn, grab some candy, and put on your favorite pajamas for the perfect night with friends!


4. Go to Forest Park

Forest Park is right next to WashU’s campus and it is such an easy place for students to hang out, exercise, and explore. This trip is quick, easy, and the perfect way to add a break into your study schedule!

5. Go out to breakfast

Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast during reading week to prepare for studying and for exams. There are so many awesome places on the Loop to both eat and study! Meshuggah Cafe and Blueprint Coffee are both delicious and a short walk away from campus!

By Julia Chandonnet