The Stages of Finals as Told by the Office

Brace yourselves, finals are coming. They always manage to sneak up on us, don’t they? Here’s what you can expect:

You come back from Thanksgiving Break, a time of luxurious relaxation. Then you see how much work you have

After the initial panic, you turn to your friends for some study help.

After spending hours in the library you will want to give up on life.

You will be tempted to give up on studying because nothing can be worth the pain, not even financial security of a college degree.

At this point you take a study break with your dearest friends that revives your soul and refuels your motivation.

But then once you’ll start studying again you’ll remember why you stopped.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a break-through moment and understand everything!

This confidence will soon be lost once you take the actual exam and it has nothing to do with what you studied.

But then you are FINALLY DONE!!!! And you can leave school behind for a month of ~bliss~.

Good Luck :)

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