St. Louis Mardi Gras 2017

For Wash U, St. Louis Mardi Gras means three things: crazy clothes, incredible post-darty lunches, and even better post-darty naps. The majority of people don’t know what we’re even celebrating on Mardi Gras, but our St. Louis pride comes out, boasting the second largest Mardi Gras Celebration in the country (yeah, NOLA is bigger, we get it). So anyway, to show off our pride, I’m showcasing all the best of St. Louis (Wash U) Mardi 2017!


  1. The Clothes


Mardi Gras is really just an excuse to wear leggings with Kim Kardashian’s face, colorful beads, weird hats (maybe even a mask? See below), and LOTS of glitter. So if you’re someone who normally wears black, this is the time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.




Maggie Ruding


Maggie’s killing the game with the buns, grill, purple lip combo. Also note the hulk hand (??).


Natalie Aaronson and Louisa Judge

Between Natalie and Louisa you can see the full range of Mardi clothes from metallic to the classic purple and green!


Robin Saidenberg, Copeland McCarter, and Camilla Moraes

Robin, Copeland, and Camilla are rocking classic Mardi gear with the bucket hat, the beads, and the fanny pack. Note the Mask:


Camryn (Camryeezus) Okere

The famous Camryeezus never fails to outdo her last outfit. She somehow made Mardi classy with her all-silver outfit and sick choker necklace.




After celebrating all morning, food is SO important. Everyone heads over to the loop to get anything from Chipotle to Corner 17.


Some Favorites:


Seoul Taco:



Seoul’s Korean-Mexican fusion is a favorite for students, and they offer big portions for a great price!


Salt and Smoke:



Salt and Smoke is classic barbeque that is tastes even better when you’re starving- I recommend the mac n cheese!  


Corner 17:



Lastly, Corner 17 has incredible Chinese food and a huge menu. It’s perfect for when you need something quick and casual.




After a long day of partying and stuffing your face with food, everyone goes back for the best slumber you’ll ever have. Nothing feels better than a well-deserved nap (especially when it’s basically the length of a full-night’s sleep).