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Spotlight: St. Louis Brunch

Everybody knows what it’s like to wake up hungry and hung over on a Saturday morning in college. No matter where in the country you go to school, nothing hurts more than weekend mornings. But there is one cure that hits the spot – and it’s bigger than coffee, water, a nap, or two aspirin. It’s brunch. And it’s a good, solid, salty, filling brunch. One of the perks of living in the Midwest is that the food is absolutely delicious. One of the perks of going to WashU is that there are about five to-die-for brunch hot spots within five miles of your dorm room – wherever you may live on campus. Keep these mouth-watering eateries in mind next weekend, and you’ll be back in action in no time.
First Watch: Let’s start with the classic: because there’s nothing like a good old plate of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and crispy toast to dip in your yolks. The menu is almost too big for a hung over twenty-something to read first thing on a Saturday morning. It is, however, divided based on omlettes, wraps, healthy, not-so-healthy, and borderline lunch options, making the recovering student’s decision even easier. If you thought First Watch couldn’t get better: you’re wrong. Their business model works to flip tables in 27 minutes, ensuring you get your food within ten minutes of ordering.
Half and Half: Like First Watch, Half and Half offers the breakfast, brunch, and lunch classics, but with a twist. Here, you can order steak and eggs, but the steak is a full six-ounce hanger steak! Or, you can grab the orange zest donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Need tempura? No worries, your Bloody Mary comes with a fried pickle on top. Half and Half is the perfect combination of classic and classy.
Companion: Companion is perhaps the most inventive of the brunch places. It offers extraordinarily innovative sandwiches that satisfy cravings you didn’t even know you had. And: they make their own bread in house! For example, try the Frenchie: roasted turkey with brie, sprouts and honey dijon stuffed in their crusty house made Parisien. Or try their Green Eggs and Ham: housemade spinach walnut pesto, baked eggs and thick cut bacon on their flaky Croissant. You can’t go wrong.
Booster’s: Booster’s is walking distance from campus. Located in the trendy Loop area, Booster’s is a non-profit run by a West African man who wants to give back to his home community. Booster’s offers everything from eggs over easy to pumpkin pancakes. Eating at Boosters fills both your tummy and your philanthropy requirement for the week!
Winslow’s Home: Winslow’s doubles as the cutest home/kitchen store you, your mother, and your grandmother ever saw. They make just about everything in house – from their sweet pulled brisket to their daily quiches, every menu item is seasonal and fresh. Want brunch for dinner? No worries: Winslow’s stays open until 9pm!
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