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Six Reasons You Have To Watch Apple TV’s Ted Lasso

  1. Every character plays their role to perfection. Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, and Nick Mohammed, to just name a few absolutely nail their parts. Their distinct characters mesh together to create a hilarious sitcom about a struggling Premier League soccer team in London. Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you’ll still love this show. Although the plot is loosely centered around soccer, the actual soccer playing is not a focal point of the show (similar to All American or Friday Night Lights). 
  2. Ted Lasso exudes a positive vibe that everyone needs in their life right now. Between COVID-19, the presidential transition, the BLM movement, and all of the other craziness that has come with 2020, the world needs a Ted Lasso. Rebecca Welton, the owner of the club, wants nothing more than to destroy AFC Richmond, as it was the only thing in the world that her recently divorced husband truly loved. Her intention was to hire Ted Lasso, a mediocre college football coach who knows nothing about soccer, to destroy the team; however, he’s able to win the team over and eventually Rebecca with his huge heart. His southern charm and goofy character are enough to make anyone smile, and that’s in addition to his immense care for others and his desire to improve anyone’s life that he is involved in. What Ted Lasso lacks in soccer knowledge he makes up in his constantly optimistic outlook on life. 
  3. The comedy is an essential piece to the show, but the insightful life lessons are an additive bonus. Real-life problems like divorce, loneliness, revenge, mental health, and toxic relationships are explored in Ted Lasso. The show teaches viewers important lessons about the hardships of life, and how one might deal with some of these issues. Ted Lasso is really inspiring, and his personality alone makes the people around him want to be the best version of themselves possible. 
  4. The British accents. Almost all of the characters in the show have British accents (as the show takes place in London), except for Ted Lasso and his assistant coach who travel to London from Kansas. The accents are a fun and entertaining addition to the show that isn’t directly relevant to the plot (although it definitely takes some getting used to). 
  5. It’s only 10 episodes that are about 30 minutes each. Everyone loves a quick show that can be binged in 24 hours or less. The only downside to this is the PSD (post-show depression) that you will certainly feel when you finish Ted Lasso. It’s also for sure the kind of show that you can watch over and over again and still laugh out loud at the jokes. 
  6. Seasons 2 and 3 have already been renewed. Following the immediate tremendous success of the first season of the show after releasing on Apple TV, seasons 2 and 3 have been renewed. Production for seasons 2 is expected to begin in early 2021, and the release date is expected around August. I’m always disappointed when I start a show to then learn that there won’t be additional seasons, so confirmation that Ted Lasso is returning for at least two more seasons is just another reason to get started. 
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