A Semi-Open Letter To Our Siblings


Honestly, we didn’t want to even apply to the same colleges that you guys go to. It’s not that we don’t like you, but the idea of having to live in your shadows in yet another setting scared the s*** out of us. We didn’t want to be the younger versions of you again (being referred to as Little Shappy and Little Lindsey was getting old). We didn’t know, however, how lucky it actually was to be the little sisters of such cool and awesome people, especially at college. You easily pulled us into your worlds and we genuinely could not be happier. You guys have been our go-to’s at college and everything beyond that; the person we ask embarrassing “freshman” questions to, our chauffeurs, our social life, our dinner dates and much more. You’ve helped welcome us into college in ways we didn’t know we would need.

The two of you have kind of become siblings to the both of us, after just one semester. Now we both get to have a sister and brother at school, even if it isn’t biological. It’s only been a week with one of you abroad and we already don’t like it. Facetiming you is cool and all but having you here would be cooler. Your absence shows us how much you have done for us. We can’t even begin to imagine the other being fully gone next year… not cool of you to leave us. Pretty rude, actually.

Long story short, you guys have made our college experiences so much better and it has only been one semester. Love you both.

- Your (favorite) siblings


feature photo courtesy: centralkynews.com