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Scott Zenker ’13

Meet Campus Cutie Scott Zenker. Though he claims he’s just an easygoing senior who loves long walks on the beach, sweet-potato hash-browns, and spending time with his friends, some argue he looks just like James Franco’s brother (Dave Franco, that cute high-schooler in 21 Jump Street). Scott was born in Chappaqua, NY, and while he’s loved his last three years in St. Louis, he can’t wait to return home after college to “live in a neighborhood with all [his] best friends and [their] families.” So, ladies, he’s got those baby blue eyes, he could be distantly related to James Franco and he wants a family – what more are you looking for?

Hometown? Chappaqua, NY.
Majors? International and Area Studies.
Minors? Accounting.
What are you involved in on campus? Sig Ep and the Campus Interview Team.
Celebrity boy crush? Obviously Justin Timberlake, hands down. I guarantee you’ll never meet a better guy than him. Think about it: he’s combated both the music and entertainment industries and he’s come out on top of each.
Celebrity girl crush? I always struggle with this one. I’ve got to go with Hillary Clinton this time, though.

Do you floss? No. It’s too time consuming.
What’s your shower routine like? Bath only. I’m a night bather. I like lukewarm water, 82 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. I throw in two heaping tablespoons of bath bubbles – preferably pomegranate-scented. Before I hop in, I toss in a few fresh flower petals.
What do you think about when you fall asleep at night? I like to think about my day. I have self-reflection time.
Where can I find you on a Saturday at 2pm? On the second floor of Olin Library with Ben Gottesdeiner. Or sporting.
What do you do in your spare time? I’m actually looking for a job as a dental hygienist.
Do you have any bad habits? I bite my nails. But I’m in a program that’s helping me stop.
Tell me about your first kiss. It was in fourth grade. It wasn’t a make out, just a kiss – well, two kisses actually. I was in my basement closet with my two best friends that happen to be twin sisters. Needless to say it was steamy. And it’s only been downhill from there.
Favorite foreign food? Shwarma.
Favorite foreign women? Anyone that will talk to me.
Did you go abroad? I studied in Copenhagen. It’s the greatest place in the world. I miss everything about it.
Advice for others going abroad? Europe is one big kabob.
What do you listen to when you work out? Andrea Bochelli. He makes me sweat and cry and the same time.
Do you cook? Well I eat. My “boyfriend”/roommate Eric cooks. I am the best pot cleaner on this side of the Mississippi though. I can scrub one fine dish. You cook, I clean, baby.
Favorite book? Obviously 50 Shades of Grey, with a fine glass of merlot. Come to Kingsbury, I do readings.
Favorite quote? “Let’s have a kiki.” Google it.
Anything else I should know? I have to say I love you to my mom and dad every time we get off the phone.
Would you consider yourself a mama’s boy? Obviously. I just love my mommy.

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