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Sarah Dunn 2019

This week’s campus cutie is none other than Sarah Dunn!! Sarah is funny, sassy, and an overall nice person. Hopefully you all get a chance to meet this special gal.



Hometown: White Plains, NY


Major/Minor: Psychology and Marketing


Spirit animal: a hedgehog


Pet peeve: When people wear jeans and flip flops (not sandals, like beach flip flops)


Your ideal day: wake up at 11, go to brunch with my closest friends, come home, get back into bed and watch a movie by myself, maybe take a walk if it’s nice out. And lots of eating in there, too. I like to eat.


Dream job as a child: I wanted to write my own novel.


Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting, or The Parent Trap...it depends who’s asking.


Celeb crush: I used to have Finnick from the Hunger Games as my phone background so I guess him.


What’s your favorite place on campus: My bed!


Sexiest Sport to Watch: Clearly soccer


Coke or Pepsi: Coke


London or Paris: Paris


One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl: One Tree Hill


CamelBak or S’well: CamelBak


Starbucks or Dunkin: Starbucks


Thank you, Sarah, for this intriguing peek into your twisted psyche!

Washington University class of 2019/Arts and Sciences, undeclared.
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