Rules Created for Whispers Booth Usage in Order to Create an Equitable Society

We know we all left the seven page paper until the last minute and need the Whisper’s booths for survival. These seven simple rules compiled by Whispers connoisseurs will ensure a safe environment for all to enjoy the blue polyester cushions of the coveted booths.


  1. No sitting at a booth alone (this should apply to study rooms as well)

  2. No leaving your backpack at your booth when you are not there for an extended period of time

  3. If you are going to watch Netflix, go to the nap room

  4. Booth is for grind time

  5. It should be socially acceptable to sit in a booth with someone you don’t know if they are alone (even though they shouldn’t be alone in the first place)

  6. Announce your exit from the booth

  7. There should be a booth time limit of 3 hours

These rules will help make Whispers a better place for all of us.

By Molly Ruttenberg