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Revlon Blow-Dry Brush- Is it Worth the Hype?

Frizzy, curly hair is something I have tried to tame since middle school. I was envious of my friends who had straight hair and was determined to get the same look for myself. I developed bad habits like using a flat iron on wet hair which caused lots of heat damage to my curls. But, thankfully, I eventually learned to use a heat protectant and a blow dryer. Nevertheless, I have definitely gone through my fair share of hot tools.


My most recent find has been from TikTok. My for you page is full of users experimenting with the Revlon blow-dry brush. It is considered one of the quickest blow-dry tools ever that result in both volume and shine. So, of course, over break, I had to try it.


I could not wait when the Amazon box arrived on my front doorstep. I quickly ran upstairs to see if the brush was truly worth it. I was very impressed! It only took me 20 minutes to completely blow dry my hair and get the shine and volume I am always hoping for. In the past, I have spent 45 minutes switching off between a blow dryer and a flat iron. But, the Revlon brush has it all (it is under 50 dollars too)! TikTok can often lead to some questionable purchases, but the Revlon brush is not one of them. It is the perfect everyday hot tool and it helps mimic the look of going to the salon. I also believe that as long as you wait for your hair to be 75% dry, it does not result in too much heat damage. I definitely recommend the famous brush and can confidently say that it is worth the hype.

WashU Class of 2024, College of Arts and Sciences
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