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Reasons to Embrace Spontaneity

As I’m writing this, I’m getting ready for the Jonas Brothers Concert at the Enterprise Center tonight. Was I planning on attending this concert this morning? Or even this afternoon?

Nope. I decided to impulse buy these tickets quite literally an hour and a half before the concert started. “High school me” was never this impulsive; I was always on top of planning. However, college has offered a lot of opportunities to open myself to last minute experiences; it has taught me the importance of spontaneity. 

Here are some reasons to try to be more spontaneous:


1. New Experiences

These spontaneous events are usually things that you would never see yourself attending, but that’s exactly why you need to go! College is a time to truly reinvent yourself if you so choose; maybe something unexpected will turn into your new passion. 


2. Meet New People

Whether you’re at a school event or a concert, putting yourself in a new environment gives you an opportunity to meet new people. Talk to those around you; you might only meet some interesting people who become acquaintances, or you could come away with some future friends!


3. Learn to be Adaptive and Independent

Being spontaneous also comes with being responsible, and you have to be adaptive to the environment you put yourself in. Learning to trust yourself in any situation is an important skill; overthinking will only result in limiting yourself!


4. Create Lasting Memories

These spontaneous moments could be wild nights, simple get togethers with new people, or unfortunately, a slightly disappointing experience; either way, you always come away with a good story to share with your friends!



As they say, you only live once! So live it up!


All in all, put yourself out there, be safe, and have fun! Crossing my fingers that the Jonas Brothers don’t disappoint, and I walk away with fun memory!

Isabel is a freshman at Washu, and she is planning to double major in business and drama.
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