Reasonable Excuses for Being Late

Lets face it, there’s nothing worse than early morning classes. As someone who is chronically late, (particularly to my 9 am everyday)  I have collected a number of excuses defending myself over these past two semesters. Of course I have tried to break this habit, but it’s harder than it looks okay! Until then, I’m sticking to these air-tight excuses.


  1. The Circ app is broken

This is particularly applicable to classes in Brookings and Sam Fox, which are  at least like, 10 miles away from civilization. But real talk, has the Circ app ever worked properly? Like ever?


  1. You got stuck behind a tour

And they are actually the slowest people in the entire world. Unfortunately, as much you want to, the adult-side of you knows that you probably shouldn’t push them out of your way.


  1. You tripped over your own feet

It happens, okay? And then it is like super awkward when you have to ask your TA for a band-aid. Trust me.

 funny fashion fail falling runway GIF


  1. Your Keurig broke

So you had to stop and get coffee, obviously. Would your professor really rather you be a soul-sucking uncaffeinated monster or just a few minutes late? A little bit late, for sure.  best meryl streep coffee devil wears prada GIF


  1. You were giving a pre-frosh some directions

It’s not your fault that you’re such a good person and needed to help a poor, confused pre-frosh. Would your professor rather you make the school look cold and unfriendly? You were just trying to make Wash U look good!


  1. You got hit by a bike

This is like super plausible too. Literally every morning I dodge reckless bicyclists going 1000 mph. It’s amazing I make it to class in one piece every day.


(Actual footage of me walking into class 10 minutes late.)


Happy snooze buttoning!! You’re welcome.

By Sophie Taibl