The Real Food Trend of 2015



Considering they were your least favorite food as a child, who would have thought they would become a big food trend in 2015? Kale, kale chips and avocado are great and all, but brussel sprouts are even better. Brussel sprouts were left out of many of 2015’s food trend lists. You can have them in so many dishes, but nothing is better than a really good batch of roasted brussel sprouts with some lemon and the right seasonings. Read on to find out how brussel sprouts can be used and where to find the best brussel sprout dishes in St. Louis.


Brussel Sprout Recipe Ideas


Add some shredded roasted brussel sprouts a dish of pasta, crushed pepper, garlic, lemon and oil and voila, you have a delicious dinner.



Some pan fried brussel sprouts can be a great addition to a chicken/poultry dish with roasted potatoes and a terriyaki or balsamic glaze.



Brussel sprouts can also make a great side dish. Roast them with some pancetta and oil and drizzle with a balsamic glaze and you have the perfect side dish for any dinner.


So, where are some great places to get brussel sprouts in St. Louis?


  1. Tavern - roasted brussel sprouts with apple and pancetta

  2. Winslow’s - crispy brussel sprouts with pear, cilantro and korean chili

  3. Pastaria - roasted brussel sprouts with olive oil and chili

  4. Wildflower - over roasted brussel sprouts and pancetta drizzled with balsamic reduction

  5. Ibby’s - side of brussel sprouts