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#1: Hydro Flask

It’s basic, it’s pricey, but it’s also beautiful. I have been a longtime fan of the Hydro Flask, and I personally think it is worth the investment. From a subtle lilac to a bright and bold yellow, the range of colors is incredible. There are shapes and sizes tailored for any kind of use, but I am partial to the 32oz wide mouth with straw lid.

#2: Nalgene

Before I discovered the Hydro Flask, a Nalgene was my go-to water bottle. Known for being indestructible, Nalgenes are perfect for the hardcore hiker or adventurer. One perk is that they come in large sizes and have a handy plastic loop for carrying.

#3: Swell

What I like most about Swell bottles are the pattern options that they offer. I am always intrigued by the realistic wood print, but the creative designs and prints also catch my eye. Swells are hardy metal water bottles that are sure to keep your ice solid and your water cold.

#4: Camelbak

Camelbaks are also great for hiking, and the company even sells backpacks full of water to keep you hydrated on the trails. The bottles have a soft and flexible rubber mouthpiece and a sturdy plastic base. Not my go-to water bottle, but a solid and slightly more affordable choice.

#5: Contigo

I have never owned a Contigo water bottle, but they come in both plastic and metal forms and the color choices are quite nice. Another affordable option, you can get a slender 24oz for only 10 dollars.

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