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Ramona Durham (2017)

Meet Ramona Durham, campus sweetheart and freshman local celebrity.  When she’s not working furiously in the library, you can find her at one of the seven extracurriculars she’s involved in or just hanging out with her friends in BD.  She’s probably friended you on Facebook and may say hi to you even if you’ve never met.  Despite being BME and belonging to every possible club, Ramona still seems to have the college social life down to a t.  Read on to hear about this week’s campus celebrity Ramona.

Name: Ramona Durham

Grade: Freshman

Major: Biomedical Engineering

What are you involved with on campus? National Society of Black Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, Create to Educate, Alpha Phi Omega, Biomedical Engineering Society, Red Cross, and I’m one of the McKelvey Scholars.

Why did you choose biomedical engineering? You mean why did I choose the hardest major on campus?  My original plan when I first came to school was to use BME as a stepping-stone to medical school.  Also Wash U has one of the top engineering schools. But beyond that, I think it’s a really interesting major and has applications beyond just the typical medical stuff people associate with.

What do you do to keep from feeling overwhelmed with all your activities? On the weekends I try to go out at least once, go to sleep before two AM, and drink a lot of tea. And I laugh a lot! I also faithfully watch Scandal every Thursday when it’s in season to take a break from college.

How do you seem to know every single person on this campus? One way is basically staying up late doing homework and finding other people to do work with.  I also meet a lot of people through the organizations I’m in, and sometimes I just friend someone on Facebook or follow them on Instagram if I think they seem cool. Also once you meet someone, you meet their friends and their friends, and so on!

Okay so you’re clearly a social butterfly. What advice do you have for people not as outgoing as you? Just learning from high school, I think you need to find something you want to stay committed with just so you can connect to people who have similar interests with you.

Since everyone seems to want to be your friend, what’s most ridiculous thing you’ve been invited to? This fall I was invited to a party called Twerktoberbest and the other day I was invited to something called Mardi Huahhh.  I think Twerktoberfest was the funniest though.

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