Quiz: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

The typical ice breaker/get to know you question that is asked during this time of year is “what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?” I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it. I want people to ask the tough questions. To truly get to know someone, I think you need to find out which Thanksgiving food they most identify with. However, sometime it’s hard to evaluate yourself. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Take this quiz to figure out which Thanksgiving food you are! Make sure to keep track of your answers OR if you are dependent of technology like me, take the electronic version here.


  1. Choose an Emoji.

















2. Pick a Kardashian.

  1. Kim

  2. Khloe

  3. Kendall

  4. Kylie

  5. I hate them all


3. Pick a Harry Potter Character.

  1. Harry

  2. Bellatrix Lestrange

  3. Luna Lovegood

  4. Hermione

  5. Hagrid


4. Which Disney Princess do you most identify with?

  1. Olaf

  2. Ariel

  3. Cinderella

  4. Belle

  5. Tiana


5. Favorite Candy?

  1. Sour Patch Kids

  2. Reese’s

  3. Anything chocolate

  4. Not into it

  5. Skittles


6. Pick a color

  1. Hot pink

  2. Silver

  3. Peach

  4. Light green

  5. Purple


7. Ideal vacation spot?

  1. Somewhere I can legally drink

  2. Somewhere with legendary shopping

  3. A city full of culture.

  4. My bed, don't bother me

  5. A music festival


If you got mostly a’s….


You’re turkey! No party (or Thanksgiving) is complete without you. Your bubbly personality lights up the room and are always the center of attention. ~ Never change, party animal. ~


If you got mostly b’s….


You’re pumpkin pie! You add a hint of (pumpkin) spice to everything. You're sassy & sarcastic and therefore hilarious. Sometimes people don't totally get your humor, but hey, that’s their problem not your's.


If you got mostly c’s…


You’re mashed potatoes! You get along with everyone. You're easy going and bring out the best in people. Just like how mashed potatoes work with so many toppings, you get along with so many types of people.



If you got mostly d’s…


You’re stuffing! You would rather stay in for a movie night then go to a sweaty frat basement any day of the week. Similarly to how stuffing is only acceptable once a year, it takes a good reason to get you to come out. But hey, you're just a chill person. It takes a lot of work to be the mom of your friend group so you DESERVE a low key wine night.



If you got mostly e’s…


You’re gravy! You are truly one of a kind. You are unique and don't conform to anything mainstream. While you're complex and complicated, you're also a trendsetter. However no one will ever seem to "get" you, but that's ok.


by Sophie Taibl