Quick Ways to Stop Flu Season In Its Tracks

You may not have gotten hit with the flu yet, and count yourself lucky- it’s been terrorizing students across college campuses everywhere for the past few weeks. But even if you’re feeling healthy and well, why wait around until the bug eventually hits you? Next time you feel a slight tickle in your throat or sneeze on too man times during class, use these tips to stop the flu in its tracks.

1. Lots of tea: tea, especially herbal teas, soothe the throat and coat it with healthy and beneficial herbs and vitamins. Try any tea with lemon, ginger, or green tea for cold-stopping antioxidants.

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2. Emergen-C: someone told me recently that Emergen-C isn’t actually effective, but I know that every time I drink a cup or two of this fizzy orange drink I feel a lot healthier than before. Apparently, Emergen-C is made up of natural vitamins and other ingredients that give you an energy boost and the ability to fight through symptoms of a groggy cold

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3. Vitamins!: and fruits, which are filled with lots of vitamins. These help keep you healthy and they boost your immune system before any sort of sickness can strike.

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4. Water: this one’s obvious- not only does it keep your skin clear and your energy levels up, it also helps hydrate you to dispel cold symptoms.

Adapt all of these tips into your life and you’re sure to stay flu-free all of allergy season!

By Ella Faust