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15 Funny PowerPoint Night Ideas To Try At Your Next Hangout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wash U chapter.

One of my favorite new college theme parties is having a PowerPoint night with my friends. It’s the perfect activity for when you want to do something entertaining, but you don’t necessarily want to go to a frat house or have to worry about braving a big crowd. PowerPoint night videos are all over TikTok right now, and if you haven’t tried one yet, they’re about to make your hangouts so much better.


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There are many ways to plan an entertaining PowerPoint night with your besties, and the best part is, it’s pretty simple to execute (you can even host one virtually!). At its core, a PowerPoint party is a gathering where every attendee creates and gives a presentation on a topic of their choice. But instead of a boring academic presentation, you can make the topic as funny, playful, or niche as you’d like using Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote to craft your slideshow.


The key is to get creative with the topics you present, whether it’s a Google slideshow about your exes, a niche one about Taylor Swift conspiracies, or a funny ranking of who’s most likely to win Too Hot To Handle, or a breakdown of your roommates as Disney villains You can even make it a competition, create scoring sheets, and give the winner a grand prize at the end! Think: a delicious-smelling candle, cute dorm room decor, or simply a shout-out on Instagram. Ready to play? Here are the best PowerPoint night ideas for your next party.

  1. Your friends as Disney characters
  2. Your friends as celebrity lookalikes 
  3. Your friends as dog breeds
  4. What decade each of your friends would fit in with
  5. An analysis of everyone’s exes
  6. What reality tv show each friend belongs to
  7. “Dance Moms” pyramid of the friend group
  8. Your friends as Taylor Swift phases
  9. What you would do if you were in your friends’ bodies for a day
  10. How each friend would lose in the Hunger Games
  11. What each friend would be named if not their current name
  12. Taylor Swift conspiracy theories, ranked
  13. Everyone as Girl Scout cookies
  14. Your friends as random pictures from your camera roll
  15. What you would do if you won the lottery

Happy presenting! Enjoy a fun night soon with some of these ideas.

Sophie is a freshman at Wash U and is studying in the Olin Business School.