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An Open Letter to the Snapchat Update

An Open Letter To The Snapchat Update

I’ve always had a strange relationship with Snapchat. For starters, the whole premise of Snapchat is beyond creepy. Not to mention the whole location map thing that basically encourages kidnapping, Snapchat has been walking a fine line to no longer acceptable. While they won us over with both funny and flattering filters, this new update is a crime against humanity.

Here is specifically how I have been personally victimized by the new Snapchat update.It’s so much harder to watch people’s stories now that they are stacked in this jumbled mess with your conversations. Because of this, it’s so much harder for people to watch MY stories. How am I supposed to know who cares about my life if people can’t view my story? It’s a disgrace. I will not stand for it and neither should you.

By Sophie Taibl


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