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Noah Krell 2014


This week’s cutie is a self-proclaimed down-home, easy-going guy who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. Not only is Noah Krell one of the cutest boys to ever walk the WUSTL campus, but he’s a born-and-bred Texan Dream who loves watching OC reruns, playing club soccer, wearing vintage vests, and performing in musicals. I know what you’re thinking: he’s the full package. But wait… there’s more: Noah loves dogs and is shockingly skilled at doing impressions of celebrities (both A-list and WashU-list). His only pet peeve? Girls that wear tiaras on their birthdays. So ladies, he’s tan, he’s Texan, and he’s got green eyes. What are you waiting for? 

Hometown: Austin, Texas.

Grade: Junior.

Studying: Marketing, Psychology, Duck Dynasty.

Where do you live on campus? Sigma Chi house, room 5. It’s a pretty humble abode but one of my roommates, Chris Kramer, spins vinyl every Saturday. Come on by.

What are you involved in on campus? VP of the club soccer team, mischief manager of Sigma Chi, DUC lunch crew, Hawaiian shirt club

Favorite? Hawaiian shirt club

Any weird habits I should know about? I sing John Mayer in the shower, usually dreaming with a broken heart

What’s your motto? I went to Costa Rica one summer and they have this saying “pura vida.” It’s kind of the Spanish equivalent of “no worries.” Fuck yeah.

What’s your favorite dance move? I do the jerk and move my arms in circles like I’m jump roping.  It’s my go-to. I’ve received a lot of compliments.

Do you cook? What’s your specialty? For sure. I do a mean egg sandwich and I usually do some baking with my mom back home.

Favorite foreign food? Chinese or Mexican

Favorite foreign women? Kate Beckinsale maybe? She’s English right?  I’ve also got a thing for Emily Blunt

Celebrity boy crush? Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks or Spuds Mackenzie: the original party animal

Celebrity girl crush? Sloan from Entourage, Olivia Wilde, and Hayden Panettiere a little bit

Tell me about your first kiss: 8th grade, and it was just a peck. The first good one wasn’t till 9th grade outside the locker room… Real sexual.  No tongue till a couple weeks later though. I was nervous.

Would you consider yourself “flirty?” Nah I don’t really try to be

What are you being for Halloween this year? I don’t know because that’s eight months away… but if I had to guess I would say Manti Te’o and a blowup doll.

What do you listen to when you work out? Norah Jones, country, Eminem.

What’d you want to be growing up? A 23-year-old CEO. If Lil Wayne can do it, who can’t?

Read any good books recently? Nope. I just started Game of Thrones though.

Where can I find you at 2pm on a Saturday? Beating Zach Stoler in FIFA. I made him cry once.

Describe yourself in one word: Average.

What are you most afraid of? Mercury poisoning. Because I love salmon.

Do you have a kryptonite? Flip cup.


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