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Nils Kjos 2015


Meet Nils, because he’s most likely your dream boy. Especially if you enjoy home cooked meals, serenades by a warm fire, and cuddling (as long as you don’t mind his roommates joining in). This blonde blue eyed sophomore hails from Seattle but has roots in Norway and cooks jambalaya as if he’s straight out of Louisiana. If you’re looking to find this week’s campus cutie, your best bet is to start stalking The Pikers or have an in with the ZBT boys because this kid doesn’t go for the mainstream WashU nightlife “moves.” Feel like you’re interesting enough to capture this talented beaut? Then read on, because Nils has a lot more to offer.



Name: Nils Kjos

Hometown: Seattle

Major: Geophysics and English Lit

Involvements on Campus: Pikers a cappella and ZBT

Favorite Song the Pikers has done? If You’re Into It by Flight of the Concords.

Nicknames? Nilsypoo

Ideal Date? Cooking a meal with the lovely lady and then I would say making a fire in my backyard and then inviting my roommates to come hang out. Meal to fire maneuver here in Saint Louis because it’s really all we’ve got, besides The Pageant.

So do you love your roommates? Oh, of course, freshman floor kids who are awesome.

Tell me about living in your house. Definitely gets pretty ridiculous at times. Probably the best thing that happens is on weekend mornings… if someone has had a guest stay over, everyone else will band together and burst into the room at 9am to cuddle. Goes over great with the guests.

Three words to describe yourself? I have no idea what to say. But maybe cleanly, slothful, pernicious.

Perfect Girl? Used to be Scarlett Johansson, but now I’d say either Zooey Deschanel or Natalie Portman.

Zooey Deschanel? She can sing!

So you like singers? Generally.

Dream vacation spot? Norway. I’m from there, so technically not a vacation spot.

Dream Job? Either a chef or a high school English professor.

Best movie you’ve watched recently? Cabin in the Woods, a meta horror movie.

Describe your weekends. I don’t go for the classic power-through-work move on Sunday, so I do my work on Friday, because I get out of class early and then usually I try to get in a few hours of hanging at the house (ZBT).

Nighttime rituals? Getting into my onesie (a recent purchase), 20 minutes of cuddling with Stefan (roommate), ramen noodles, and a good 45 minutes of reading.

Tell us about your cooking. I always liked to cook when I was younger, helping out with family dinners. My best friend from home’s mom is a professional chef instructor. In the 9th grade, there was a formal dance and we decided to surprise our dates with a 5 course meal, and it was then that I decided I really liked to cook so my friend’s mom taught me and I worked at her cooking school and then in a Cajun food truck and then in some restaurants in Seattle.

You’re a vegetarian? Plus occasional fish and wild game, it’s an ethical decision.

Favorite dish you like to make? Jambalaya and general Cajun goodies and homemade pasta.

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