New Music Weekend!

New Music Weekend!

Put your long weekend to good use by exploring some of the best new releases of 2020. Here’s to a new decade of amazing music! 


  1. Mac Miller, “Good News” 

In his posthumous release of Circles, Mac Miller’s voice comes through with emotionally affecting tracks that are even more difficult to listen to knowing that he is no longer here. “Good News” was released with an accompanying trippy music video. 

Lyric highlight: “Wake up to the moon, haven't seen the sun in a while / But I heard that the sky's still blue, yeah” 


  1. The Jonas Brothers, “What a Man Gotta Do”

The Jonas Brothers are back...again! 2020 seems to be off to a great start with music videos with each Jonas Brother taking on a role from three famous movie scenes (Risky Business, Grease, and Say Anything). Of course, what’s a Jonas Brother music video without some J-Sisters? Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas all make guest appearances and make the video just as fun as the song. 

Lyric highlight: “I'm not tryin' to be your part-time lover / Sign me up for the full-time, I'm yours, all yours”


  1. The 1975, “Me & You Together Song”

As my friend Gaby once said, “the 1975 finally came out with a song that actually sounds like a song!” So if that doesn’t describe this new release from the 1975, then I don’t know what will. A story of a hopeless crush that is equal parts beautiful and tragic, this song is growing on me. Fun fact: the 1975 just released their tour dates. For every ticket sold, the band will plant a tree. Also Phoebe Bridgers is going on tour with them and she is AMAZING! 

Lyric highlight: “And there's been no way for me to say / That I felt a certain way in stages, oh / I think the story needs more pages, yes”


  1. Khruangbin, Leon Bridges, “C-Side”

Ooooooh this one is just a vibe. Thank you new music! Thank you Khruangbin and Leon Bridges!

Lyric highlight: “She got them red heels on / Gold hangin' from her ears”

  1. Kaleo, “Break My Baby”

Although it feels as if this band has not evolved their sound since their last release A/B (2016), “Break My Baby” is a welcome return to the blues rock/garage rock revival sound for the Icelandic group. 

Lyric highlight:  They’ll take you in and spit you out / You’re only worth how much you sell”