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I am someone who loves variety when it comes to food, so when arriving at WashU, I knew I was going to want to explore all of the dining options. I quickly made a routine that works great for me and allows me to really switch up what I am eating.


I have never been a huge breakfast person and especially here with my early morning classes, I typically just eat a breakfast bar in my room. However, to wake me up and start my day, I always walk to Cafe Berguson to pick up an iced coffee. Cafe Berguson is definitely my favorite coffee shop on campus, so I try to go as much as I can.


I like to commit to eating lunch on campus rather than at BD. Stanley’s sushi is my favorite spot for lunch. My three favorite rolls are the dragon roll, shrimp tempura roll, and buddha roll. Even if you’re not a huge fan of sushi, Stanley’s also has spring rolls and poke bowls. I also love to get parkside for lunch. From the kale caesar to the daily specials, parkside has a great variety.


For dinner, I like to alternate between BD, DUC, and the Village. They both have great customizable options on the GrubHub app and I also like getting a salad from sally once in a while. My favorite dinner from the village is the build your own plate. It is the best way to find a balanced meal on campus!

I think that it is so important to explore all dining options and really try to switch it up. This is the best way to make your meal plan count and also the best way to not get bored of the food. This schedule works for me and I am confident it would work for others too!

WashU Class of 2024, College of Arts and Sciences
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