Nav Buggana 2019

Nav is a freshman from India. Passionate about singing, music, and art, it was so much fun to sit down and talk to this awesome guy.

Hometown: I’m from Hyderabad, India. So, Hyderabad is one of those cities in India where nobody except people in India know’s like a St. Louis. I lived there from ages 8-18. I’m originally from Chicago but I don’t remember much about it because I was so young. Mostly I remember the weather (which was really cold).

Major/Minor: I haven’t decided yet, but I’m probably going to major in Econ and minor in CompSci. Might do a second major in Math or Engineering.

What’s the biggest difference between living in India vs. living here in the US?

You learn to value small things in India, for example vending machines. There are SO many vending machines here, and there are only a few vending machines in India. It’s small things like that but they really add up. There’s no Target or BestBuy or big chains. Culturally, people are much more open and liberal over here about certain things. Women are less suppressed, and one of the most differences is that people here are more open about sexuality, race, gender, etc. In India it’s not acceptable to be LGBTQ, and society is much more male-dominated. But I also feel that there’s more of an emphasis on the individual here vs. family and groups in India; people seem to be more guarded about past experiences.

Involvement here at WashU? Pikers!

Favorite thing about being involved in a capella/Pikers? I love singing. Art is a passion for me. That’s half of it. Then the other half is the social aspect of the Pikers. Everyone’s really tight and we have an amazing time together. I jell with them because everyone’s light-hearted and we screw around a lot but we also know when to be serious, so we’re able to have deep conversations too.

Dream song to solo in with the Pikers? With or Without You by U2.

Go-to song to belt out in the shower? Usually whatever the song that we’re rehearsing, actually. Other than that, the last song I was listening to on Spotify.

What was that? Walk by the Foo Fighters.

Hidden talent? Imitating accents and people.

What accent can you do best? I can do a lot of accents. I can do a Scottish accent, it’s a little bit gruff like this (in an impressive Scottish accent).

Spirit animal? I’d say a golden retriever.

Words to live by? Don’t worry, be happy.