Natalie Hench 2019

Looking for a new friend? Well look no further! Whether she’s sitting across from a complete stranger in Bauer, listening to showtunes on her treacherous walk to Sam Fox, or getting down into the wee hours of the night in a sweaty frat basement, Natalie Hench is always ready to play.



What’s your nickname:

I have many. Fratalie, Fat Nat, Fnat, FratNat, Fattest of Nats. 


Which one’s your favorite:

Fratalie, because it's not even a nickname its not shorter, just a different version of my name


Your favorite word:



What annoys you the most about people:

When they wanna talk to me but I do not want to talk to them.


Your favorite meal:

A nice filet with mashed taters and a side of steamed spinach. Also would love to start with a Caesar salad. And I have to finish it off with a chocolate cake


What’s one thing that people find super weird about you:

My fingers are odd. Also I don't drink coffee.


Something you can’t live without:

Deodorant. Men’s deodorant because it works better because I sweat just like a man sweats.


Fav animal:



Would you rather sit in a car for 12 hours with a nonstop barking dog or a quiet little snake:

A lil teeny snake guy! 


Your go-to song/playlist:

I enjoy soundtracks from musicals as well as beyonce’s first solo album and also Headstrong by Ashley Tisdale probably the best album of all time. I also enjoy Abbey Road praticularly the second half and I like the White Album and Sgt. Pepper. Any song from the High School Musical franchise, I also enjoy the sountrack from Moulin Rouge.