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With the recent warm-front that has hit St. Louis and seems to (hopefully) be here to stay, we have been forced to move into spring fashion much faster than anyone anticipated. As a Chicagoan, I know that I am not used to the amount of time spent in the interim between the dead of winter and blazing hot summer. The past few days have been a series of trial and error to try and find out what works best for me to beat the heat outside. What I have found over the past few days is that layers are crucial. When it gets warm outside, the first thing I opt for is a cute layering situation that can adapt to the range of the day. For that reason, I have compiled a few things that have either become staples of my wardrobe or that are on my spring clothes wishlist. I’ve also found all of them through Amazon; my favorite low-budget, super easy fashion provider.

Oversized Jean Jacket

Recently I have been LIVING in my jean jacket. It’s a perfect layering piece – throw it over a t-shirt and leggings to elevate a comfortable look, or pair it with a dress and cute shoes to wear out at night. Find it here.

Corduroy Button-Up

The color that has been all over my fashion Pinterest boards for months is the warm brown of this jacket. It can be paired with so much, but leggings and jeans can both be dressed up or down with this additional layer. Find it here.

Black, Cropped Jean Jacket

This is another form of the staple jean jacket that adds a layer of elevation to the closet. Unlike the denim jean jacket, this can be easily paired with blue jeans and is so adorable with any color underneath it. Find it here.

Green Bomber Jacket

To me, green is one of those colors that is never going out of style. Over a white-tee, this jacket would make any outfit look springy and fun. Find it here.

Black Satin Cowl Neck Top

While not a jacket, this is a timeless layer that can be paired with any of the above. It can be dressed up or down with little effort and looks beautiful paired with something else or on its own. Find it here.

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